Saturday, October 23, 2010

22 Months

This month on the 16th my baby girl turned 22 months old. The time is flying by... and she is learning and growing everyday. She is talking in half sentences, repeating everything, smiling and laughing, singing songs (real and made up), recognizes people and locations and can count to 10 - with some help on number 7. ;) We are so proud of this little bundle of love!

I get a little mopey when I think about how fast she is growing up. So I try to focus on the fact that she's healthy, happy and completely brilliant.. and that wouldn't be if she wasn't growing up. I'm amazed with what a gift she is to me, to us. She fills my life with new discoveries and challenges and teaches me so much about who I am... and who I need the Lord to shape me into, still. What a long road ahead I have.

Something that is so precious to me lately is the cuddle time we've been having. She comes to me just out of the blue and wants me to hold her, rock her or lay down with her. She says, "I hold you" and I can't help but get the warm tingly's. Especially after a not so fun day of correction and discipline. :) I love the bond I have with this child. I love how she lights up when I pick her up from nursery at church, how she loves when I come home - even if its a 2 minute trip up the road to Walgreens. She loves me... depends on me. I am blessed.

I'm holding on to these last few "baby days" of Ava's life. TWO is right around the corner. I'm cherishing finger prints on my windows, magnets always on my floor, diaper changes, nap times and sweet, sweet baby kisses... because I know those things (tho still there in years to come) will be different and less. I already miss it. Happy 22 months my baby girl.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet and very true Mandy. Brings back memories of my baby girls and how wonderful it would be to go back just for 1 day to those precious memories!! It's so great that you are enjoying every little detail and someday it will be fun to go back and read this when you can hardly remember anymore what these days were like.