Friday, October 15, 2010


this week has not gone as planned.
we arrived home from our long weekend trip on Monday and since then it seems I can't get one thing right.
i made a delicious smelling "October Bisque" on Tuesday that ended up tasting horrible and deemed a trip to the local Wendys in its stead. bah! you have to understand my pain in watching that "supposedly" delicious tomato/pumpkiny mix get dumped into the trash - an entire pot!
i still have baskets of half folded laundry, suitcases still full, and house mess everywhere... not to mention that I still have done nothing on the exterior either. no mums as I planned. and the spider webs are taking over our windows. bah.
ava has been in rare form as she explores everything and doesn't stop moving for one second. I've caught her with 4 coughdrops in the last few days - and I'm not sure where she's finding them.
the evenings - rather then doing anything productive - have found me laying on the couch zoned out to HGTV something... and Brad out for ministry things. and that bothers me about myself. it bothers me that I have this total lack of motivation right now. and I know it ebbs and flows... but right now I'm at a standstill.

fail. just feeling like a big failure... and wanting to crawl into bed.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hang it there! His mercies are NEW every morning! God will give you motivation and renewed energy if you seek Him! :) On the upside, your family pictures are AH-MAAAA-ZING! What a beautiful family you have!

beccarankin said...

Oh man.... I know the feeling. Know it well. A lot of my non motivation areas may be different at the moment because of circumstances, but belive me, I have felt the failure thing over and over again. Not getting all my supplements in, not drinking enough of whatever, just because I plain don't feel like making the effort. Uggg... I'll be praying for you and me in the motivation area.

Jacobs Family said...

Don't beat yourself up! It happens to all of us. Especially after a long and busy weekend!

It happens to me often and I feel so guilty, too! But I've found that if I let myself rest, make sure to spend some good time talking with the Lord, I pull out of it a lot quicker. I've also found that beating myself up tends to make it last longer.

So rest physically and in the Lord. You'll be back to your normal self soon!!

I'll be praying for you.

Julie Anne said...

talk about fail... little Ella asked me tonight when I tucked her into bed, "How come you don't have time to play with us, Mommy?" apparently my priorities are a little screwed up! Praying your weekend goes better!