Monday, October 25, 2010

To Ponder

"The way you keep your house, the way you organize your time, the care you take in your personal appearance, the things you spend your money on all speak loudly about what you believe."
-Elisabeth Elliot
I used to get annoyed as a teenager when people older then me would hint at things like this. And yet, now that I'm older I see the truth in it more and more. I know I could pull up at least 10 verses from God's word that correlate with this...
This quote smacked me straight between the eyes yesterday and its stuck with me all day today. My house is a big, fat, disorganized mess right now. My 3 day old - unwashed - hair is up in the ponytail, sweats still on from this morning and zero makeup. And, instead of making healthy, homecooked meals the last few days... I've vouched for Mickey D's, a frozen pizza and a BBQ joint up the street. No wonder I feel un-motivated, exhausted and just blah. And not just about life but about my Faith. It makes sense - nothing, as it seems, in this home is to the "ultimate Glory of God" today, which, is my reason for life, right?
Pondering. And... planning to at least go wash my face and start some laundry.

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Sara said...


I've always appreciated your openess on this blog. I really can relate to what you are saying today. I struggle with depression and I've noticed that when I am not doing some of the things that you mentioned I feel 10x more worse than I would if I did.

You really are an inspiration to me. I've learned a lot by just reading your blog! I know that may be hard to believe. But I didn't grow up with a mother so I've had to learn from other women on how to do basic motherly and wively things :). Thanks so much for all that you are. I praise God for you.

Oh, your roast recipie was a hit at my church's potluck dinner on Sunday