Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And now... Christmas

I know, I know... "C'mon lady, yesterday you were ranting about Halloween... now you are bringing up Christmas?". I've been in such a festive mood the last week or so - maybe it's that anti-ugly-holiday-feeling or just that, really, Thanksgiving and Christmas are merely WEEKS away. I'll say that again, WEEKS away. :) I'm already getting emails from my BHG site with "diy Christmas gift ideas" and most stores have at least one aisle dedicated to Christmas by now. I watched one of my all time fave Christmas movies this week "A Christmas Story", and I even busted out 1 Christmas CD one day last week while cleaning the house. :) I have Christmas on the brain. It helps that I'm responsible for decorating a table for our ladies Christmas event at church... and that right before Christmas a very special little lady turns the big #2!

I'm not one for hurrying time along - it does that itself. And, Thanksgiving is one of my most beloved things on earth. But, Ah, there is something amazing about the Christmas time of year. So, just to share my "cheer" here's a little jingle for your day. You can hate me later when you are humming it... ;)

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