Wednesday, June 29, 2011

August Hope - 6 weeks

Our little tiny girl is, well, not so tiny anymore. August is 6 weeks old and absolutely thriving! Praise the Lord! She's slowly but surely getting a routine and flow down and is doing wonderful at night times - sleeping sometimes up to 7 hours! Makes for a very rested momma, for sure. Thankful for God's grace in that area.

She's becoming more and more alert - tho she's always been an alert baby. She smiles tons and all the time and really only fusses if her belly is hungry or if she loses her paci during naps. She especially loves her sisters kisses {which, are ALL the time} and looking at momma's face. :)

I don't know exactly how much she weighs, but I'm guessing she's close to the 13lb mark already! She has the "triple chin" thing going on and you can see those super long legs getting nice and chunky!

Praise the Lord today is my LAST day on antibiotics. August has had antibiotics in her "Food" since she was 2 weeks old. We are both ready to be done with that business! I'm so thankful that through all of my health drama this little one is doing just fine. :)

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

My oh my, she is CUTE!!! Those little legs and chins--what a sweet baby girl! SO glad things are going well--especially in the sleeping area! Hope our little guy will be a copycat! :)