Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a little girl

It has happened again...

I blinked and my children grew more.

Somehow in the mess of our busy days and even the not so busy ones their changes creep up on me so subtly. Just when I look away for one second... they change. It melts me. Shame on me for the days when all I want is for her to "do it on her own", or "you should be going on the potty", or "don't laugh so loud you'll wake baby sister". Shame. When I look at my newbie and think, "oh how much easier you'll be in a few months..." Shame. Truth is - my life IS easy. And blessed.

My precious, curious, creative 2 year old. She teaches me something every single day. Today I have learned to RELAX, LET GO of the control I think I have over schedules and routines, ENJOY this season {both spiritual and physical} and GIVE THANKS in all things. Every single thing.

Today we let go of routine {the laundry can wait} and I took the chance at taking on the splash park by myself. I wanted Ava to have a special morning and I knew August would sleep at least 30 minutes while I focused in on her. It was sweet. :) She dove right in and was all smiles and "look at me mommy". I loved it. She is turning into a little girl more and more. While my momma-heart yearns to keep her small and chubby and...all those toddler things. She's growing and becoming more and more beautiful. How could I resist that?

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