Friday, June 3, 2011

Family of 4

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions, activity and change around here. Not to say the hard part is done and over, but, I do feel that after 2 weeks I'm at least somewhat adjusted to not sleeping ;)

I was able to be in the Word twice this week - and believe me, that is HUGE! It's just been crazy. And I don't at all believe that the Word of God is a special medicine to get us through our days, but, I do see a change in my life when I'm in it. God's Grace is so clear to me on my hard days - and I'm thankful for the verses stuck in my brain on the days when I can't get even 2 minutes to sit down and read.

So how are we doing as a family of 4? Well, we are def in transition. Ava seems to do "ok" as long as she has her tinkerbell sticker book or Dora ballet slippers on. We are seeing a ton more tantrums and a lot of talking back. I try to be super consistent and then feel like all I'm doing is correcting and disciplining all day. It's tiresome. Important, but tiresome. On the other hand - I feel like Ava has become this super intelligent little girl overnight. She is talking in full conversations, asking questions and just on and on.

August is doing fine. At her 2 week appointment she weighed in at 9 lbs 14oz and 22in. long! Another long and strong baby girl! She eats like a champ and sleeps wonderfully! The other night she even gave us a 12-5am stretch.:) Can't complain there.

Brad and I are sometimes fumbling our way through the changes. We are both tired. I'm still a little hormonal and irritible, which, that could be a WHOLE other post. But we are getting through it and trying to enjoy it. I just need to relax and savor the days. Sunday I had to go to a walk in clinic where I was told I had mastitis. It's horrible and painful and is messing up things with nursing... and I wonder WHY ME!? On top of all of that - I started getting seasonal allergies in an out-of-control way. Misery. So, we turned on the central air and closed up the house which has helped a ton!

But you know what - we are doing fine. We are a family of 4 and every day I feel like I'm getting stronger and possibly "better" at this two kids thing. But do pray for us, pray for me. I KNOW I've been...."difficult", "short", "mean", and "harsh". I'm working on it. Crazy how sleep deprivation turns you into another person.

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becky said...

Mandi...I totally understand. I feel like I'm reading about my September...minus the nursing problems. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to adjust. Ava and Hannah must be similar in personality...discipline is a constant thing...still and it was really hard when Isaac was a newborn. Hang in gets better. love and prayers....