Monday, June 27, 2011

My last birthday :)

This week I'll celebrate 29 years of life! And then officially stop having birthdays, right? Well, the day will {Lord Willing} roll around each year... but the numbers will stop getting bigger. ;) Forever 29? While I have no opposition to those "bigger numbers" - I just can't imagine not being in the 20's categories anymore, been here so long!

This morning I woke up thinking of how funny life can be. How it changes so rapidly and how if we don't take the time to stop and laugh about it... we might miss the opportunity. This of course ties into my turning 29.

10 years ago my life looked like this:

-Sophomore in College at BBC
-19 years old
-Had my first car, an 88 Honda Acclaim, completely rusted out - named Pearl
-Worked as a waitress/server at a restaurant that doesn't even exist anymore. Dependent on tips!
-Spent almost ALL my free time at the Underground Cafe at school... forget studying, social life was calling.
-9/11 hadn't happened quite yet - it would that coming September :(
-Loved babysitting and did it often

Today my life looks like this:

-Can't remember 1 thing I learned my sophomore year of college
-almost 29!
-Minivan driver and loving my passengers!
-Full time Momma and Homemaker, dependent on hubby and so thankful for his hard work.
-FREE TIME?! well, if I get any it's spent sleeping or maybe doing laundry. Social life consists of play dates, church events and a walmart outing.
-9/11 is now almost 10 years ago... still haunts our country.
-Two babes of my own

Is time going faster? Or is it just me?

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