Thursday, March 8, 2012

I think you have the wrong person

I always assumed that the moment I said my vows some magical gift would fall from above and turn me into this supernaturally talented amazing home decorator. In our first apartment I was shocked and horrified to learn I couldn't even hang a shelf without it looking...goofy.

Fast forward to 2012 and 6 blissful years later. Still battling with making things look...non-goofy. Interior decorating has just never been my talent. I know what I love, what I like to look at, what makes me feel at home - but, putting it all together and attractive is so much harder then it looks.

When I go to Salvation Army on one of my "treasure searches", I can see the finished product in my mind. I just can't see the details in between, the HOW. Thankfully, decorating is not the most important thing in the world... not.even.close. But, all that said, I do love making our house into a home for my husband and children. I enjoy adding bits of beauty here and there to make this place our castle. There's just something awesome about sitting in the dining room and loving how it looks around me. Feeling like it's "ours". I'm so thankful for websites like and Pinterest that share ideas for those of us not so gifted. In my heart, I want to bless and WOW my family with a beautiful setting, creative touches, hand made everythings... but I get discouraged and give up. I think many of us battle this. I'm not known for my amazingly decorated house...

Which is why I was so humbled and surprised to be asked to teach a workshop on... decorating. {gulp} Me?! Have you seen my home? Do you see my bare walls in most every room? Me, teach on decorating? I think you have the WRONG person. And here is where I see so much of God working in my life. He knows my intentions, my heart, my longing to bless in this way... and I've been under such conviction to show hospitality...get over myself and my pride and invite people in. Share Jesus love. Open my home.
Even if I don't have beautiful things in every room, or new furniture, or even if our bathroom is still stark white and nothing to look at.

I accepted this invitation and am planning out the workshop now with a friend. The Lord has blessed and I'm thankful for the great ideas that have come to mind even just in the last few days. I've even gotten some compliments from my family on the "pretty" things I'm doing in my home. We've had people in our home for the last 3 weeks and not once have I stressed or worried about how it looks - I'm welcoming them in love, and that speaks SO MUCH LOUDER then any purchased piece.

I'm humbled. I'm challenged. I'm convicted.
Will you join me in praying for this workshop? I so want to be used by Christ to GLORIFY HIM and point others to HIM...
Not my .49 salvation army decorations. :)

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