Monday, March 19, 2012

Make them feel the Love

We are on Spring Break here. It's glorious. Everyone slept in this morning... except whatever that bird is right outside our bedroom window that starts singing at like 5:45. No complains, it's Spring BREAK! :)

My goal for day #1 of break is to whip this house into shape. Small jobs I've been putting off are now massive jobs that are unavoidable. Doesn't that always happen? So, yea, a good day to get things ship shape and ready to go.

I'm joined up with Karen Ehman and the study on Hospitality that she is running on her blog right now. Today's post was such a great reminder to me on how making your guests feel loved and special is SO important. If you aren't signed up to do the study yet... do it. Click here.

It got me thinking again about the connection between a tidy home and showing love to my family. Now, I know they aren't really "guests", but... why should guests be the only ones who get the clean and tidy home?! Challenging to my momma heart today. I want my family to feel order and organization and calm because of my love for them. I can show that love so easily by just kicking it in gear. :) So, wish me luck as I sweep, dust, and cycle through laundry piles to show my family hospitality today! I want to bless their hearts.

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Angie said...

Enjoy Spring Break! Ours doesn't begin till the 1st of April and I can't wait. Hope you get lots and lots accomplished on this Monday!!!