Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I love Weight Watchers...

Right before Thanksgiving 2011 I had had enough.
My "Big" jeans were now getting really tight and uncomfortable.
My "big, baggy" sweaters were now starting to feel too close to me.
I was done with this.

I don't remember struggling with weight ever before in my life. I was athletic and busy all through high school and college. Let's not forget that magic little word, "Metabolism" was HUGE then, too. I've never been petite or small - average to above - at best. But I can't remember a time when I sat down and thought, "Man, I'm huge"... until October 2011. Two babies, little sleep, lots of food and minimal exercise had caught up. I had zero energy, zero motivation, zero tolerance in many many areas. I thought I was sick...but even then in the back of my mind I KNEW what it really was. I had extra weight. It was literally weighing me down. That's a really hard thing to admit to.

I mentioned to my family members that I was thinking of biting the bullet and paying to do Weight Watchers. We don't necessarily have the extra $ to do that kind of thing... but, I knew I needed help and fast, clearly MY methods were doing me NO GOOD! Dad offered to pay for it. And I thought about it more seriously. Then even more seriously. It was decided and I would begin...

Only then did I realize I joined TWO WEEKS BEFORE THANKSGIVING! {my fave holiday... my fave food} You have got to be kidding me!? How could I let this happen? What about the sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pies and mashed potatoes and tons of dark meat turkey and cranberries and grandma's green bean casserole and rolls glorious rolls and aunt kims deviled eggs?! What about those?! Gulp. Too late. I stepped on the scale and saw a number that made everything within me feel sick. How does one let it go this far?
During my first meeting everyone applauded all of us "Crazies" who joined right before the holidays. But then we jumped right into the session on how to make wise choices of all that food before us. I left feeling somewhat defeated by how far I had to go... but encouraged to be educated on what to do.

Long story short - I lost MORE weight over the two major holidays then what normal people do {4lbs}. I still got to eat everything I wanted and never once felt sorry for myself or as if I were missing out on something. Since November I have lost 10 pounds. But then I started to taper off... I think I got a little too sure of myself and how quickly I was losing. I started to assume I could estimate things and cut corners here and there. The weight stopped dropping. I even gained 3lbs back. Dis-couraging. I had quit writing down my food {tracking} and drinks so I had no clue as to what we even going on anymore. I was already back to feeling lousy just with 3lbs back on. Tired. Groggy. Grouchy. Hungry. Always hungry. And my "sleek" feeling of easily slipping the jeans on was returning into, "oh my very word... do I have THREE thighs?".

This weekend I stepped back up. Dusted off my Food tracking journal and got back down to business. I'm on day 3 and I feel AMAZING. Because I'm eating correctly I have tons of energy and I'm sleeping better. I know exactly what I can have and I love the guidelines that help me all through the day. Here's why Weight Watchers works for me:

-Food. I can have anything I want. Seriously... if I wanted to sit and eat candy all day long, I could - as long as I stayed within my "Points". I don't recommend eating candy all day, though. Trust me.
This is a good situation for me - I don't have to buy special foods {that we don't have money for} or worry about shopping anywhere specific. What my family is eating I can eat. Bonus: Most fruits and Veggies are all Zero points value so I can eat as much as I need to be full. For example - at lunch today I was still pretty hungry after my meal so I warmed up a serving of green beans, threw on some yummy spices and got to fill up on them! I was satisfied and they were delicious. Bananas are my saving grace usually - they fill me up, are sweet, so they cut that sweet tooth and are loaded with amazing nutrients to help me feel good.

-Tracking. Writing down everything I eat shows me my "weak" hours of the day and how I can plug in the correct foods/drinks to help me stay on track. If I want something special or out of the norm, say... a snickers bar... I can plan around that and stay right in line with where I need to be! :)

-Meetings. My leader is such a great gal. She is passionate and considerate and full of energy. It helps me to know she has lost her weight with the SAME program I'm using and still uses it to stay on track. It's a great opportunity to interact with new people and every meeting is encouraging. When I hit my 10lb mark I was applauded and cheered for. Women need that validation {at least I do!} and encouragement to keep going! I also really enjoy the meetings because they share recipes and ideas all the time. I've left almost every time feeling rejuvenated and ready to go at it again another week :)

-Results. This program works. Not only does it work but it's so easy. Stay within your points and lose weight. I don't even work out and I'm losing weight. It's all about portions and control and I love how easy it is. I heard another member say at a meeting once, "if you REALLY do the program it REALLY works, if you KINDA do the program, it KINDA works", and that has been true of my life. It always works...but could work more if I would really kick it up!

I'm not at a place where I'm ready to post a "fat" picture and then later post another one showing progress. Buahahaha - please, I don't wanna see that so I'm sure nobody else does either! But I will tell you - Weight watchers works and its easy and helpful and even kind of fun. So thankful the Lord is teaching me through this too...about my selfishness and lack of self control. Here's to 10 more pounds and 10 more lessons learned! My husband and I are going to San Diego in October, just the two of us, for a conference. My goal is to be down at least another 10 by then. We shall see :)

If you are at all considering... let this be your nudge to go ahead. It's worth it. :)

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