Wednesday, July 30, 2014

And it gets a little easier..

Tomorrow is the last day of July. Normally I'm smiling and giddy about the last bit of the season ahead of us is my favorite! But today I just shake my head when I realize how quickly the summer has flown by and how I'm pretty sure it hasn't really felt like a summer to me. But that's all part of life when you have a June baby :)

Life. It feels easier these last two weeks. Routines are in place and cooler weather allows for open windows & happy children. Jane is pretty much sleeping all night and napping like a champ during the days. {sigh} what is it about good rest!? We seem to have adapted to this family of 5 thing and while I still feel slightly anxious in the evenings - those times are subsiding, too. I fully acknowledge how wrapped in grace we are! Oh, how I sense this so many times in a day.

The month of August brings a good mixed bag of events for us.
- Jane turns 2 months old
- youth ministry kicks back up in full schedule
- our firstborn starts kindergarten!!
- we celebrate 9 years of marriage
- Hubby starts... Seminary. (Gulp)

I have baby weight to lose and house work that needs done, groceries haven't been gathered since before baby was born... In so many ways I feel a mess. But then on the other hand, these days are so very precious and won't last long. Someday I'll be thinner and the house will always be tidy, but that's not today. I'm ok with that. It's getting a little easier - one day at a time.

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Angie said...

Yes, it's such a blessed season of life your in. Embrace these days...the days ahead will hold plenty of houswork and such!