Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17th...and all is well.

Well friends, it really is Friday! I thought this day would never come - but it's here and I'm an hour and half away from my weekend! Anyone who may read this and is from HBC - don't forget...SUMMER SLAM tomorrow night! Bradley and I are so excited to join up with Heritage Student Ministries at the end of the month, we consider tomorrow night our secret "kick off" with the group, as only a few people know about our ministry change yet. They will Sunday when we share with our class. :) We are super excited for what God has in store the next 11 months while we are planning on being here.
By the way... if you know of a church that is looking for an associate pastor... pass it this way, we are in the preliminary stage of thinking/planning for the future. FUN!
I have nothing inteligent to say on this Friday, but thank you LORD for Fridays and weekends. :)

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