Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The man I love

The last few weeks have been so wonderful; we've been joking around, having a good time and just feeling so alive together. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary two weekends ago in Delaware and it was so nice just being together. He gave me some incredible yellow roses (2 dozen).
Brad has changed so much over the last two years - and it's a positive change. So many times I hear women say that their husband has changed and it's a negative conversation - "he never does this anymore", "he's just soo.....", etc. When we first got married I prayed that God would clearly direct what it is we were to be doing with our lives, and day by day that prayer is being answered. I love my husband for his passion for the word of God. I love him for his third born personality- where most everything has to be funny and he'll be the one to provide the comic relief. I love my husband for his sensitivity to the Lords leading in our marriage. I'm thankful to God that he's growing Bradley more and more into a godly man. The picture of Brad reading is the view I see now, typically, - he's hungry for learning, and that's a very different person then who I knew in college. Always smart...not always so dedicated. I dedicate this blog to my husband, Bradley Joseph Pausley - I love you!

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