Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have to admit - all of this technology, posting, blogging, texting... I'm not the most saavy person for the job. But, I live a life of Grace and there's so much to share. I just ask that you bear with me as I learn and manipulate my way around this thing. I do have a face book account that I keep very updated - :)

I've heard it said a million times, almost to the point of cliche "God is good all the time", and I know he is - it's his nature, his character - of course God is good. However, the last few weeks I've come upon a time in life where I feel like I am really living this truth. My husband has been traveling for his job @ BBC, he's been gone for quite a few weeks off and on, sometimes 2 or more in a row. At first it was fine because I could clean or escape in a book or just... whatever. But after awhile, obviously, I missed my spouse. I missed our everyday chit-chat, him balancing out our mattress at night, being able to fall asleep because everything was fine and in its place. I found myself reaching for things to do - start scrapbooking again, change the sheets on the guest bed just in case anyone should show up unannounced, wipe down the mirrors, hmmm...should I rearrange the closet that no one sees?! All these fillers, which in and of themselves are not bad - but, the problem was - my heart was yearning and being tugged by the Lord, "Come and meet with me", "use this down time to recharge, grow, strengthen". And, I didn't - I wouldn't.
I wasn't used to having this time, as I had when single and in college. I was used to filling my day with Bradley (again not a bad thing). But, had I become so callus to the "still, small voice" that I really thought of time with the Lord as optional? Skip tracks - I have just recently become involved in a bible study with some girls from the area. We are using the next few weeks to build our core and decide what direction we want to go. It was my turn to share/teach last week - and wouldn't you know.... I decided to share from 1 Kings 19 - Elijah (after escaping Jezebel) and his encounter with God after the fire and the strong winds, etc.... a still, small voice. God chose the quiet route. Here I was in my life looking for BIG signs, BIG works, BIG things from God - but I wasn't in tune with listening and when I did it was so easy to blow it off. grrr! Had I allowed Brad and his spiritual leadership to take the place of my intimate time with the Lord?! Well, I wouldn't go to that extreme - but, all that to say - I had an amazing couple of hours in the word the day I was studying in 1 Kings -and, God is good. God is good that he brings to mind our areas that need improved, and that he doesn't settle with us being mediocre - he pulls our hearts, he is the ultimate romantic pursuer!

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