Thursday, August 16, 2007

A case of the "almost Fridays"

Good morning world - It's Thursday and I have a definate case of the "almost Fridays". Don't get me wrong, this job that God has provided is not bad, I enjoy the people I work with and I have my own who's complaining...I just have the "Workin' for the weekend" blues today. Brad and I couldn't get out of bed this morning - I'm sure we aren't the only people in the world who do that. Finally, at 7am (40 minutes till departure time) we rolled out and began the scramble to make it to BBC on time. :) I have bible study tonight, I'm looking forward to being with the girls again - which is weird, I usually struggle to find excitement for that kind of thing (because I am weird), so this must mean it's a good thing!
I got a phone call lastnight from my Dad; he wanted to share a prayer request with me, as we often do this kind of exchange. As he shared his heart and some things that were going on in my hometown with people I love and care about... rather then thinking of ways to pray for them, I started feeling annoyed - "what is wrong with this person?", "why are they so driven by every wind of doctrine?". Good grief - as I hung up the phone and shared the news with Brad, I even explained to him in an annoyed fashion. And this is why unbelievers doubt what we say we have. I'm not beating myself up - and I don't think its wrong for me to feel a little frustration towards this person who is "once again" living for the "What's cool in Christianity" phase - but, I wish I had a heart like Jesus', full of compassion, etc. I'm a work in progress. Aren't we all?

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