Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm not one for resolutions...

2010. Hmmm, well that means I am now 10 years out of highschool, 6 years out of college, 4 years out from my wedding day (almost 5 in August), 1 year out of my first baby being born, and almost {GASP} 28 years old. When you put it in the perspective - Praise God, what a life! I've never been one for the traditional, "New Years Resolutions" for a few reasons. 1) I hate feeling like a failure 2) Life is too unpredictable to stick with most peoples resolutions 3) I can never decide on one good enough to persue. That being said, my friend Kristi over at Watch the Earth, etc. has a GREAT goal of reading through the bible in 90 days. Check her out! Her button is on my blog. Also, she and few other blogger ladies will be going through some highly worthwhile goals for the start of 2010 in their blog posts. Take a look for yourself and jump on board! I know she would love to have you!

Ahem, sorry... I got a little too excited about all of that. Back to the no resolutions thing...

For 2010 while I don't have specific, individual, written out goals - I do have one big plan. Welcome ORGANIZATION. This has been on my mind since approximately 3 seconds after Ava was born...., "wow, I need to get organized". For years now I have been teased by my inlaws about how I am so organized. I send cards for everyones b-days ON TIME, I know dates for events and buy my travel tickets well in advance. So in that respect...yes, applaud myself, I can send cards on time. But, really, for me, its not enough. In this past year I have been put to shame with how truly UN-organized I really am. My house, my personal life, my family... I have so far to go. And honestly I've been taking the easy/lazy way out more often then not.

So, here's my plan:
1) Create cleaning schedule for daily/weekly/monthly/annual things that need done and STICK with it!
2) Create menu for the first 2 months (More about this later)
3) FINISH this house. At least the "main used" rooms
4) Be creative (more on this later, too) at least once a month, if not once a week.
5) Get my self organized in the area of spiritual disciplines.... (you guessed it, more to come)
6) Actually care about and practice good health choices, including [eeek] exercise. [gulp]

You are probably thinking, "wow, take on much?", but really its an all in one kind of deal. You see, I'm a list maker. I enjoy making "to-do" lists, grocery lists, cleaning lists, packing name it. I enjoy using my planner and keep it with me at all times, almost like a second bible. Does that sound bad?! oops. Ava already likes to make lists too. I found her just this morning making her own.

For Christmas my MIL gave me this - It's the 2010 Vera Bradley day planner. Oh, she knows what I like. :) I love Vera stuff and a planner, too! Anyway, I have already gone through the entire year and plugged in birthdays, events already planned, important dates, etc. But this planner is great for other things too. It has two pockets to hold onto things like receipts, cards, etc. It came with a divider to put in the place of where you are currently in the year, and its a binder style so I can take out or add pages as needed. NICE! Not to mention that fab new design. (btw, Vera lovers, its the new "Symphony in Hue") Here's what the inside looks like. I love that it has a big calendar and breaks into days. You can see that I've already got some things plugged in. And if you are thinking, "what a nerd, she is way to excited about this planner." That's ok. I am.

This planner will help be prepared for everything (like last years did) and will cut down on embarresing missed dates, birthdays or just things to know. I'm finding especially now in full time ministry there is so much to remember...and being on the ball is important. So, yes. There is tool #1 that will help me be organized. And, I'm starting to plug in daily, "to-do's" for housework things so they actually get done. Things that maybe won't go on my cleaning schedule.
Second, the food portion of our lives. Since Brad and I got married I've been doing the same method of meal planning. I buy (or am given) a blank wall calendar and plug meals into it month by month. I try to keep track of how much of each type we are having and break it up that way. (not having pork chops 6 times a month, etc) I have been planning our menu by using whatever magazine or cookbook I recently had. For example, for January I am using the new BHG magazine and my new 2010 Gooseberry Patch cook book. Then I just go through from front to back and plug in meals. It's quick, easy and actually pretty enjoyable. Some have asked, "well, what if you don't like what you wrote down for that day when you get to it?" and our fix for that is - I shop for 2 weeks worth at a time and just switch up the days meals if I need. But I keep the grocery list set at JUST those two weeks worth of meals. Very few extras. This helps in cutting costs, junk food laying around and pointless extras. (**side note, I try and do inventory of the whole house's needs a few times a month and keep a running "always need" list on the fridge, for things like: TP, kleenex, diapers, wipes, foil, laundry det.) I also try to block out at least 1 special night that says, "out to eat". Here's this years calender... see anything you might wanna come over and enjoy with us?!
This method - if I stick with it - is such a blessing. Not only can Brad be confident he's coming home to a warm, home cooked meal. But, I can plan guests coming over on the meals that are bigger sized, or I can say - "this is what we are having this week, what night would you like to come over?". It also saves me time, brain power and energy by already having a battle plan and scavengering around at 4:33 wondering what to make in time for the hubby's arrival. Are you getting some ideas for yourself?

Creativity. Something I lack and want so badly. Over Christmas I just purposed in my heart to try, try, try harder to be creative. Even if its finding something we already own and repurposing it to look nice in our home. I want to bless my family with creativity and beauty. While it doesn't come naturally... finding ideas does. {its always the follow through, isn't it?} I've mentioned this before but BHG (Better homes and gardens) has a delightful newsletter they put out. It's free and jam packed with great ideas! I get their decorating newsletter as well as the craft newsletter. They have ideas such as how to create things out of your old jewelry (a studded decor pillow), monogram wall hangings using scrap material and old picture frames, etc. I just LOVE their ideas. And there are a bajillion other sites out there too, I just love BHG. So, this year I am putting in my planner at least one crafty type project to do each month. January will be "Terra Cotta snow men" as I have several terra cotta pots left over from another project. Whether I keep the finished project or use them as gifts...its just something I feel burdened to do. I have free time and up to this point I haven't been using it well. Why not bless someone with something beautiful if you have the time!? I have found that empty wasted time is not only dangerous but just plain un-healthy, and we see from scripture that we will give account with how we use our days.

Lastly, but most importantly... spiritual disciplines. I'm still mulling this over as to what will be the BEST plan for me. But I do know it will include getting up earlier then my family, keeping a more consistent journal and actually using some sort of devotional or bible study book. And I dont' know about you, but just that first thing will be a hurdle to cross already! Once I've had time to establish this thought more I will try to remember to share it. If you have ideas on what helps you I would love to hear it. I'm tying physical organization into the spiritual one - because for me it has just always gone together. Getting up early will also include some exercise and good breakfast prep. I'm learning that christmas cookies and half cold coffee do not lend to the energy I need by mid morning. duh. I have so far to go....

I hope these ideas have inspired you. And, I want to hear your ideas too. How do you keep your home? How do you plan your meals? Crafts? etc. Now its time for me to tackle item #1 of the day - putting away the Fall and Christmas decor. Did I say Fall? yep....see, I'm not as organized as I'd like to be, YET. :) God bless you in 2010!

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becky said...

great resolutions! The hardest thing for me is balancing time with my little one and taking care of the home. I'm with you resolutions for this year are both spritual disciplines, oraganization, and maybe even a little exercise (but I'm not quite sure where I'm going to fit that one into my day). If we are ever going to have more children...I have got to get organized! I look forward to sharinjg thoughts and ideas with you along the way as we blog about our journey's as wife/mom/homemaker/child of God :) Thanks for the encouragment you have already been to me. Happy New Year!