Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whose house is this?!

We flew in from balmy, wonderful, warm Florida lastnight...well, around 4. And we knew reality was back as we walked off the plane and that first whip of freezing cold wind caught our breath. Lovely.

We returned home to find our driveway completely coated in a nice ice/snow layer, and add to that the fact that we FORGOT to pull our cars into the garage prior to leaving... so two nicely coated cars, as well.

Upon entering the house it looked like a tornado had blown through... or a burglar had a great time going through EVERY drawer, cupboard and clothes pile. Then I rememberd, "Oh yea, I didn't have time to clean before we left". Hmmm. Christmas gifts are laying every where, the suitcase has now exploded open so we could find our "important items" for this morning, dishes that couldn't go in the dishwasher are lining the countertops...my list could go on....literally... on and on. I stepped back this morning and said, "WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?!".

Fortunately for me, I have come home with gusto and motivation to get my life, my house, my everything in tip-top shape. I have ideas for decorating, I have ideas for menu planning, cleaning, etc. I also have - a 1 lb. bag of Barney's, "Santa's white Christmas" coffee. :) All...is...well. (curious? check out... http://www.barniescoffee.com/ )
**better posts once I get this place in shape!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Welcome Home! Happy cleaning, sorting, organizing, laundering, cooking...being a mom and wife! Hope you get a lot accomplished today!

beccarankin said...

Don't you hate walking into a disaster of a house? I try so hard to clean before I leave, usually doesn't happen, but at least I try. Happy cleaning!