Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On a day like this...

The last two days we've had some snow.
Ahem... we've had lots of snow.
Ahem again... we've had a blizzard. I believe the weather man labeled it as "epic". Interesting.

This is the view from my back door. I don't go out when its like this - never mind the 45mph wind gusts! No thank you! I love to adore it from the inside. :) So, this is my poor car - all drifted in. And below is a pic of what our neighbors yards looked like...
Needless to was a day of Christmas movies, baking and spending time in the warm, cozy (candle scented) house. On a day like this... we capture some great family moments. On a day like this... we see all our reasons to be thankful. And on a much lighter note - on a day like this... we make Christmas cookies! To your left you'll see "Chess Brownies" - they are for my candle party tomorrow night. Made with yellow cake mix, cream cheese, etc. Delish! I also attempted some "Spritz" cookies...but, I guess I'm not smart enough to work the press so I just smooshed 'em down on the pan and hoped for the best. It worked fairly well. But, then I got tired of squeezing the press and refilling it over and over ( I know, patience of a saint, right?!) so I just rolled out the rest of the butter dough and used my teeny tiny cookie cutters. :) And, they turned out even better! It ended up taking much longer then I had planned and went into "play with Ava" time, so Daddy (since his office was closed today!!!) had some extra time to sit and play with Miss Ava. She now loves reading and was happy to share her Noah story with him.

I hope your day, whether it was snowy or regular was a great one!
Merry Christmas!

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Tiffany said...

I Loooove days like that! Your cookies look fabulous! {grin}