Monday, November 1, 2010

Long weekend

Well, we just had a very full weekend. {sigh} Now it's back to reality... my house is a mess from all the weekend fun and I MUST get to the store at some point today.

My husband is amazing at planning family day fun. Friday is his day off and he is so good about coming up with ideas... this weekend was no exception. Friday night we went out to eat and then took a certain little girl to Living History Farms for their "non-scary family night". While we had a great time together - complete with horse drawn carriage ride and FREE popcorn - we agreed that we probably won't shell out the $15 to do that again... walking away with only 7 pieces of candy. Bah! But it was fun at the time! If you can't tell from the above pic, she is wearing a pink scrubs set. The back says, "nurse in training". It was cute :)

Saturday we joined up with the rest of the family and had a good night enjoying Papa Murphys pizza (my first time!) and taking the kiddos around the blocks for candy. That night our girlie was an OSU cheerleader - in unfriendly territory ;) Good thing she's cute!

So, today, Monday, we are all feeling a little sleepy and unmotivated. It's a laid-back kind of morning... :) November 1st already. I can't believe we are heading to FL in a few weeks. :)
I believe my coffee pot and peppermint mocha creamer is beckoning me... and the last few minutes of Sesame street with my little girl. Enjoy your start to November!


TheMillers said...

We went to Living History Farm's fun night too! It does kind of stink that you have to pay $5 for everyone, but we thought it was still pretty fun!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Ava looks so cute and grown up!
How fun to get to go to Florida! What a place to have in-laws! :)