Thursday, February 2, 2012

Date Night and Timothy Keller

It's date night. After I manage somehow to whip this house into shape...

It's after 1pm and I'm still only half dressed and the house smells like fish sticks from the kids lunch. There are about a million and two toys strewn about every inch of living space we have. I'm completely exhausted, over-caffeinated {complete with shakes}, and I really just want to go plop on the couch and flip on QVC for the next 3 hours.

But see, there's this unspoken rule, your house has to look somewhat nice if a babysitter is coming over. Dare I brew one more cuppa Keurig?

We haven't had a date night in a-while. Honestly, I don't think I remember the last time. Maybe when Brad's folks were here back around Christmas. We are lame daters. Lame. Brad would go out at the drop of a hat... I'm the one with issues. I literally have to peel my fingers off of my children, swallow that lump in my throat and JUST GO. Which is hilarious considering how much I really do need the break away. Anyone relate?

Tonight the destination is the Texas Road House. We have $25 worth of a gift card and we will drain every little cent out of it. {nevermind the fact I have a weigh in tomorrow} Then we'll enjoy some country music and hopefully some chit chat over food - that I didn't cook. :) I'm excited. Now... to change out of these blasted pajama pants.

It was a good mail day around here. We got a box from Barnes & Noble which means our new Timothy Keller books were in! Yip Yip! I've heard so many people talk about this book, and we {again} had a gift card - and these were chosen. What would the world be like without gift cards and generous people?! For.Real. Maybe tonight when it's calm and quiet and two little girls are sleeping we'll crack them open and start reading. To be honest, I know what's coming. I know I'll be all kind of convicted and drawn in and challenged. I need to be. Because I know marriage is for our continued sanctification and I believe it... but, sometimes I still battle. I get irritated and annoyed and feel that nagging disappointment from weird expectations I set all by myself. Sigh. 6 years in you'd think I'd have a clue... nope.
So, yea, date night and Timothy Keller. Sounds like a winning combo.

Now to de-fishstick-smell this house and get to a little work. And, have I mentioned we STILL do not own a vacuum. It's getting interesting around here. Without sounding too gross, sometimes mid morning I look around and think... "we could feed a small country with the remnants on our carpet". Ew, I know. Just being real folks. Just being real.

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jingalls said...

i don't know how thick your carpet is but if you have a stiff enough broom you can actually sweep carpet.