Saturday, February 11, 2012

Of Saturdays, Barbie Pools, and my strong dislike of cars.

Since I don't want to end on a sour note - let me begin by dramatically saying that I abhor cars at the moment. Since when did someone feel the need to create them? Were we really so bad off with horse and buggy? In a perfect world we would live near all of our family members, have 1 local store to choose from that was NOT overpriced {ahem...Dahls!}, and have no need to travel long distances in cars that can break down.

We still are down to one vehicle. Brad's work week combined with my schedule at home have been jam-packed-busy. As in, zero time to do anything outside of live. Our insurance check is in - all we need to do it pick it up and go shopping... seems easy enough. But, it's not. Time is a funny thing. So, this morning, I loaded my children into hubs Monte Carlo and we headed off to church. Hubs is running our middle school retreat this weekend so he is B-U-S-Y and I was hoping to be a blessing to him by helping serve breakfast...yadda yadda yadda. Half way to church the front end starts making this grinding noise - and, the car isn't in great shape, so it could really be anything. I put on the "just press through" mentality and continued on. We only like 7 minutes from church - what could possibly go wrong now?! As I begin to accelerate after the stop light turned green, the grinding sound turned into a grinding "feel" as I felt the car go lopsided. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!? It's like 8 degrees, my babies are in the backseat, and now I have a flat!? Did I mention I'm alone this weekend? Brad was away at the camp with our teens retreating. I was supposed to be helping out. Now, here I sit on the side of a road, tears misting my eyes, and my 3 year old offering to "get me a tissue" when we get to church. I had no other choice but to call hubs and have him come rescue us. It was still too far to walk and I have no clue on how to change a tire and we are all out of vehicles at this point.

THANK YOU LORD for sending people into our lives that are willing and able to help out. One of our guy youth leaders arrived with Brad and they took care of business. We loaded back up and they escorted us home... safe. Needless to say - prayers for my sanity are greatly appreciated. I KNOW we'll be ok. I KNOW we'll get a car soon enough. I KNOW things could be a lot worse. But it just feels like everything in life is breaking at once and there is absolutely nothing I can do. So, yea, anyone have a good horse and buggy we could use? :)

Saturday. I need this day.

My kids need this day. Even though Ava thinks at 6:40 she needs to start the day... I'll take it. Since its just me and the girls we've been doing all things girly. During August's morning nap Ava and I made Valentines for grandparents, including glitter glue and even the hot glue gun! She loved every second and I love soaking that all in. She's such a little chatter box of information and planning. So.Much.Like.Me. :) After lunchtime we played with her Bratz dolls that we found at Goodwill over Thanksgiving break. I must have changed a zillion outfits. August joined in on the fun and like a good big sister - Ava made her be the boy. Haha! When reaching for a pretty doll in pink big sis was quick to say, "no, no, Auggie... you be the daddy".
We made a barbie swimming pool {out of a salad spinner} and the dialog continued for a long time. It was awesome. At one point of the barbies was me! A little weird hearing your kid play with your name, but, hey... I loved it. I captured a few pics of our play time today - and the ones burned into my mommy memory are even better.

{Nope, those are not cute new bangs...those are the crazy, silly, baby hairs that I grow after EVERY baby I have.... grrr.}

I'll tell you what - after such a stressful start to our day, there is something so refreshing and spirit quieting about loving on your children. Being on their level really does open ones eyes. Make it a good one!

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Angie said...

Oh sweetie, I think we all have those times in our life when everything seems to be going wrong. We know life could be worse but it's hard to drag ourselves out of our own miserable moments. Hoping things get much better soon. Many prayers coming your way.

Watching & listening to children can be so refreshing. Glad you were able to find so much joy in it.