Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The MEANING of marriage

Happy day after Valentines day. :)

In my world its a busy Wednesday - babysitting all day, time with our teens tonight... long, crazy, busy, fun day. So thankful for the few hours we had lastnight, just the hubs and I to sneak out and enjoy a quiet dinner alone. At this stage in our lives... a quiet room and not sharing tiny specks of food with small children IS TOTAL ROMANCE. :) We were blessed with a gift card to a fancy restaurant and enjoyed a quick trip to Target to pick up baby wipes. Yahoo! I know. I love my husband. After 6 years he still makes me laugh and knows how to keep things light.

Gotta love the instagram. And, apparently... the bags I've accumulated under my eyes. It's like I'm almost 30 or something. Oh...wait. {gulp} But for real - thankful for this man and how much he loves me. Which brings me to my point.

As I've mentioned - we are reading through "The Meaning of Marriage" by Timothy and Kathy Keller right now. We've gone through the intro and chapter 1. Thursday night we'll come together to talk about what we learned or thought. I'm excited for this "new" thursday night activity! I'm also nervous... because I KNOW how convicting this could be, how vulnerable it will be. But who better to have total vulnerablity with then your husband!

"There is so much to do that we don't know where to start. Start here, Paul says. DO FOR YOUR SPOUSE WHAT GOD DID FOR YOU IN JESUS, and the rest will follow."

This was in my reading from this week. This overwhelming and yet so simple of an idea. I love this reminder and challenge. Christ gave himself up for the, I can give up my selfishness to love, respect, and honor my husband. I ended the chapter with so many little self eval being:

- My identity lies within my husband {name change, etc}. Do I reflect him well? Do I ultimately reflect Christ by how I love and am married to Brad?

I tell ya. I have a WAYS to go. Thanks be to GOD for his Grace, Mercy, and forgiveness! I'm so excited to grow through this and learn so so much about marriage and sanctification from it. What a great end to a Valentines day...

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Sara said...

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your posts. They are often so encouraging to me. I enjoy reading what others are learning and what I often just do not how to place into words.

Thanks for being an enjoyable encouraging thought in my day. I come and I read here and I'm always reminded of the ONE that I need to be turning to everyday!