Monday, April 9, 2012

Cookies with my firstborn

Perhaps I'm the only one with this issue of living in reality.

I really truly do think in "tv" sometimes. Like... "Leave it to Beaver" or "Andy Griffith" tv. You know, things are just GOOD and FUN and SPECIAL all the time. Feel good kinda life. And I really truly do want to be the kind of GOOD, FUN, SPECIAL mom. I do. But I have to laugh out loud how life happens sometimes... even the best of my intentions just seems to get all crazy out of whack most of the time.

For example:

I wanted to make sugar cookie cut outs with Ava this weekend. She enjoys baking with me and I looked forward to that special time, just the two of us, that I'm finding is SO vital with her. She just thrives on the one-on-one attention and loves learning. But in my mind I would look like THIS while baking with my beautiful daughter...

Only, less cartoonish... ;) But, you get the point. Put together, prepared...
But, instead, Ava and I made our cookies with mommy still in PJ's, glasses on, makeup still not on, and messy kitchen behind it.

At least I had my fancy apron on. :)

But guess what? Ava had a BLAST! And, she didn't even care or notice Mommy's lack of...luster. Just another reminder to me to live in the NOW, in the very moment I'm given. We went on to have a great few minutes together making cookies. She did a great job. I'm amazed that in just a year she can now use a rolling pin, the cookie cutters and even spread her own flour all by herself. She loves getting her apron on and setting to work. So proud of her!

What a blessing to me "Momma" to these precious children of mine. And, I should include some news on my Auggie Hope. She has started standing and pulling herself along the furniture. Look out world, she's on the move! (she'll be 11 months on the 17th)

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Angie said...

One on one time is so important! I'm glad you all are able to fit a bit of it in. It's a hard balance when you have more than one kiddo isn't it?

I try to make everything perfect too. I totally need to learn just to live in the now :)