Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disciplines, and... why I REALLY can't seem to get anything done.

Once upon a time I joined Weight Watchers and was shedding weight like a... beast. I was doing it. I was eating well and feeling energized and motivated. People noticed, too. All kinds of nice validation followed. The last few...weeks...I've been Sta-Rug-a-ling.

My minds eye sees a picture of this woman walking on a treadmill, with a bag of cheetos under her arm, just working it. And while very honestly I never buy cheetos or even own a treadmill - this is how I feel. WHY DO THINGS HAVE TO TASTE SO GOOD?! And why on earth is Easter candy so irresistable?! And why when I worked SO hard and lost SO quickly am I so easily tempted to let that weight creep back on?! {Commence annoyed face and harder typing with arched eyebrow}

I just read a blog post. It was Courtney over at Women Living Well - who, to be honest, I haven't started "Following" yet because...because... I fear that once I learn what she offers I'll have no more excuses. But I clicked and read on anyway and wouldn't you know that this is the topic:

Disciplines. {grooooooooan} But this is a good groan, the kind of like "thank you, this is just in time" groan. You pick a goal and the next 5 weeks we will learn about and discuss how to reach it. I'm excited. My goal is to TOTALLY DUMP JUNK FOOD for snacks. Back to my fruit, yogurts, and raw veggies. :) Because as I much as I love my chocolate covered raisins, chips and salsa and ice cream sandwiches - they ain't doin' much for me. I'll admit that. As will my jeans that are now pressing the life out of my waist {again} as I sit here to type. Was that TMI? :/ All this to say - Who's with me?! I'm going to California in October and I'd love to be as svelt as possible by that time. For me, for my husband and ultimately so I can glorify God even more in this life - healthfully!

These two are motivations as well - and, also the reason why my home looks like small earthquakes have happened No matter how tidy I get it at naptime - it always looks like an upturned house shortly after wake up hour. :)

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Glad I ate the last Cadbury egg before I read this! ;) 58% of me wants to check this out...just slightly more than half. The other less than half is too sleepy. Thanks for the encouragement!