Tuesday, April 24, 2012

.:Some Thoughts and Some Things:.

First of all....
My computer is going crazy. Today Blogger said it was changing and didn't like my browser {how rude!}. So, I just spent like 15 minutes trying to upgrade the browser, and I don't really even know what I'm doing. It's true. So - this may be working or this may not work. I really dislike change. Bah. :/

This weekend I'm heading off to our Ladies Retreat for church. So looking forward to getting away overnight to reconnect, refresh, and retreat. :) On Saturday I'm co-teaching a workshop on...decorating. And I've already mentioned how completely out of my ballpark that topic is. I have a terrible time decorating, but I have the heart and intentions that want to so so badly. Recently I took on a few tasks to see what I could create and to see how it would look. Of course my main place of purchase is Salvation Army, and this time was no exception. 

I've been LOVING all these white pitchers. They are everywhere; Target, Williams Sonoma, BHG magazine. I really like how fresh and bright they make things look. I dislike the price tags attached to them - I've seen some upwards of $30! Really, for a pitcher? For a pitcher you won't even use for beverages?! Gah! So, while digging through the shelves at salval I came across an old, clear, glass pitcher with a cracked handle. Hmmmm. I spray painted it white and voila - just like brand new. :) 
I also found this little basket/cage type thing while I was there. It looked kinda birdcage-ish and had a broken off hook, which I assume was to keep it closed. So, I stuffed it full of my Dollar Tree lemons and limes and tied it close with some raffia. I kinda like it :)
Then today I remembered I had two mini-pitchers leftover from a ladies event last winter. We had spray painted them black - but, I still had some white left...so, got on that. :) I love me some pitchers! Throw in an antique, air loom, doily, my old serving tray, some moss rocks in a nest and my Dollar Tree onion grass - and, I have a new dining room table centerpiece. It's simple and plain - just the way I like it. And it has meaning...to me. 
I'm learning so much about making things special in my home. My 3 year old is even getting into the spirit, wanting to decorate with cut down trees in the back yard and dandelions in a baby food jar on the table. :) So thankful to be home and so thankful for the opportunity to make this home into our little castle - for my hubby and our children. :) 

It's 80 degrees here today. Beautiful. Back to the great outdoors!

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Angie said...

Lucky girl, it's been cold in Kentucky lately. I want the 80's back :)

Love the white pitchers. Your centerpiece looks great. I think your more crafty than you realize!