Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Fear

I knew when I agreed to take on our little guy for babysitting that it would be, at times, life changing for us. Going from two to three kids in my day was slightly dramatic...but overall just peachy good. A fear that has reigned in my mind, though I have tried to keep it captive, was the fear of something happening to the little guy. The child that is not my own, but under my care. How my gut aches even thinking about situations that "could" happen.

Yesterday that fear was fueled by watching our neighbor dog come at him lightening fast and nip his little leg. You cannot know how time stands still in those situations...until they happen to you. While I praise GOD that he is ok and the bite was minimal {very small dog}, I am heavy hearted, still.

After having the animal police in my livingroom and "dealing" with the neighbors responsible... things are adjusting back to normal. The dog has been taken and I was praised for doing the "right thing by calling". Apparently it's against the law to NOT report a dog bite. Hmmm...good to know. {?} The neighbors dogs have been a problem for a-while now... going on 3 years, but we've never had a real issue with them, except for the literal constant barking. ARL informed me that now the responsibility lies with the neighbors - they have to repair their broken fence, chain up their beastly animals and be...responsible.

Can I ask for your prayers? We need wisdom and encouragement. We HATE that this happened to our little guy, we equally hate the tension this puts between us and our neighbors.

Oh these fears... Lord, thank you for your protection and the quick thinking you gave to me in that moment. We never ask for these moments, but we know you hold us in your hands.

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