Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The first time She said it

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Two nights ago as I put my 3 year old into her bed She said "it". "Mommy, I want you to go away". It felt like my heart would rip in half as I closed the door and blinked hard at the tears forming in my eyes. She was mad and was using any angle she could to express that. I know she didn't mean it. Obviously, if mommy went away her life would be dramatically different. BUT IT HURT. It was the first time my baby had spoken to me like that...

Momma's, if you have the time, head over to Sally Clarkson's blog today and see what she has to say. It was a GREAT encouragement to my heart this morning and an awesome reminder of just how much our children really DO love us, even if we don't always have "Rock Star Status". I'm also reminded of how important it is to NOT GIVE UP!
Come back here and tell me your creative ways of curbing those mouthy girl situations when you are done with Sally's page. :)

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