Saturday, September 21, 2013

A most beautiful day and a cute, little, sinner.

Wow was it beautiful here in Iowa yesterday! We took full advantage of our two free zoo passes and the perfect weather and headed out for a family day adventure. Some of the trees have started to change and the sky was just amazing, as you can see above. I'm LOVING it!

Now that our girls are a little older we really are so enjoying our family day outings. They are funny and we just never know what will happen. :) They really liked seeing all of the zoo animals and we enjoyed being together on the pretty pre-autumn day.

And, in case you need any further proof of total depravity - I give you, Auggie's hand slap video. If you listen carefully you can hear me apologize to the poor mother of the child. I have NEVER seen her do anything like this - she totally blew her cover.

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