Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reading List : September Edition

Before I get into listing endless book titles, let me brag a little about these two peaches. {squeee!} I love them. My girls are seriously so much fun lately. They are two and four and have personalities skyscraper high. My biggest is into making this weird growling voice all.the.time. It drives me completely bananas and I'm starting to think that's why she does it. Hmmmm.... but, I still get the sweetest cuddles post nap and I love it!
The shrimpy one is just all of the sudden hilarious {seriously, look at that hair!}. She does wild facial expressions and has started walking up to me any time in the day and saying, "Mom, what you doing?" with this eyes wide with excitement look. For some reason it makes me laugh every time! Ah, my babes, I love them. Through this whole transition they are adjusting so well & helping me keep my sanity. Some days are better then others, but, they are still so little.:) The clock is ticking - T minus 4 weeks to go!

So anyway - we spent the morning at the local library here, which my children love, and came home with bags full of books. Tho, I think I came home with  more this time ;) Here's what's on our reading piles for the next few weeks.

For the girls -Some Fall theme books :)

source for pics:
 ---> Please note: I do not use Kindle or Nook for my children's reading books. I just can't seem to find an image to share that doesn't have those notes attached to them. :)

And for Momma - a few of my best girl friends. ;)

I'm eager to pour through these and get some ideas for the last few weeks before we move. Now that it's slightly less hot in the evening, it's actually appealing to eat dinner again.

And, in prep for our Fall ladies bible study - I'm diving into this gem.

What are you reading these days? 

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