Saturday, September 28, 2013

Of haircuts and watching them grow up

On Thursday night I had about 8 inches of hair cut off. Chopped. It was well overdue and I love how easy the new 'do is. Please keep in mind I have a strict "no selfies" philosophy, and, I literally just took this from where I am sitting. But for the purpose of this post...

Isn't it amazing how much energy one can get from a simple hair cut? Now, to learn how to actually blow dry and style...

My 4 year old has been dubbed, "the queen of knots" by her mother. Her soft but thick hair seems to knot up after every time she lays down or even just plays. I'm not a fan of the screaming fits with each time I attempt to brush it out. Even with detangler and conditioner its horrible. After a while of trying to convince her she should have a good trim, after seeing my hair she was on board and ready for a cut.

We made a big event out of it. Starting with Caramel apple spice drinks @ Starbucks and dressed in a skirt (of course). Did you know that S-bux makes a "short" size drink? New to me!

We only had a few inches taken off but it looks so much better and healthier! Watching these girls grow up and change is such a blessing - but it pulls on my heart somethin' fierce, too. How I love these days of dresses, and pretend, and baby dolls and time spent with momma.

Is it possible that I'll have a 5 year old in two months? And just exactly how and when did my baby turn into this 2 1/2 year old rowdy?!

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