Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Pretties!

Between unpacking, mothering, living life and the crazy speed of it... I have found a few minutes here and there to decorate for fall. I had to come to a realization early on that it would not look like my pinterest board of ideas - there just isn't the time right now. But I'm thrilled with some of the little things that catch my eye during the day and remind me of the beauty of Autumn.

I made this wreath from an old foam one I had lying around. After I took off all the old moss I wrapped it in burlap ribbon, tucked in some silk, fall colored, flowers, spray painted the P and stuck it on there and voila! The "p" was .6 at Target and pink polka dotted. I can handle SIX CENTS and the rest really only took a few more bucks and a few more minutes. :) 

This old door was exactly what I wanted in my front room. Since we'll be going with the antique-y look in that room, it was perfect :) I made the candy corn banner last year out of burlap and paint. Super easy! I'm still looking for what to set down in front of this spot. 

I'm a nature girl. Throw some pinecones in a vase and tie on the burlap - that's so pretty to me! Toss in a .50 gourd - perfection. I love the natural look and this works great on top of our fireplace.

With the smell of a cider candle and the love of my family around me, I couldn't think of a better place to be during this Autumn. Oh, and these two are pretty cute to look at, too.

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