Friday, October 18, 2013

Update from the NEW house.

We all know that moving (with children) is a whirlwind of all kinds of crazy. This move proved to be no different. But I'm happy to say we are IN our new place and adjusting just fine. There were a few surprises in our first few days :
-Broken dishwasher
-getting used to a septic tank/sump pump
-hot and cold water pipes switched
-broken sliding drawer holding my pans {ouch}

But overall, we are settling.

There have been moments (while I stood washing dishes in the sink) when I looked out the window to watch my children play in the yard... and I just mist up. GRATEFUL. That we get to live here in this place, with these neighbors, so close to everything. It's a blessing to me.

The basement still has boxes to be unpacked, and we are short several pieces of furniture - but, what a joy to be in a place with room to grow and adventures to be had. Hopefully I can get back to blogging about our life in the future. :)

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