Monday, October 28, 2013

Preschooling at Home

Way back a long time ago I went to college and learned how to teach preschool. It sounds simpler then it actually is, especially when you get a group of 13+ 3 year olds running around. All the same, I studied, learned, and quickly sealed a job doing just that, teaching preschoolers, shortly after I graduated.

So I'm boggled at how I STRUGGLE so much with educating my own dear preschoolers. It's the END of October and we still haven't started school this year. Now, we did move twice, and life is crazy busy with ministry stuff...but, seriously?! I pulled out my little lesson plan book this morning and just shook my head - still nothing. But that is about to change. I'm making a list, checking it twice, the heading out to pick up school supplies after I'm done with this post. Ha! I know busy little hands make busy little minds and I have a biggest daughter who NEEDS that right now. :) I'm thankful there is grace, and that in all reality, it's just preschool.

Here's our agenda for this week with a pic or two (from Pinterest) of what we'll be doing:

Puzzles, sticker dot activity, paint with marshmallows, outside play, Lunch, Bottle cap stamps
Good for numeral recognition

Bible reading, prayer sticks, quiet books, make a weather plate, felt paper dolls, dry erase boards, Lunch, begin a chapter book to read aloud.
Love love LOVE this!!  
Prayer Sticks: popsicle stick with picture of family member or friend. Each day have child draw a name and you both pray for that person. Fabulous way to teach importance of prayer for others and not just your own wants!!
prayer stix! 

No school

Bible reading, prayer, quiet books, movie or 1 tv show, lady bug math, goldfish sorting, tp roll bird feeder craft, Lunch
5 simple games for teaching number recognition to preschoolers

Journaling, "100 easy lessons" reading for Ava

We can do this! We can do this!

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