Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Living Vicariously

My husband has incredible opportunities as the student ministries pastor of our church. He gets to go on trips and destinations - some average, some awesome. For example, last summer he went to Haiti and the year before that New Orleans. All in the name of ministry, and all complete with stories of people hearing the gospel.

This past weekend he was in Chicago taking a preview trip at Moody Bible Instititute. We had 4 students go to check out the school...and the city. They had a great time and the windy city proved to live up to its name.

I am in a stage of life where my most effective and necessary ministry is staying at home with our young children. They need momma here for the day in, day out, things. So I don't get to go on all of the fun trips and see the exciting things. Generally, I'm fine with that. I have waited my entire life to enjoy this stage of life - and I don't mind missing out when I have these two kiddos to pour into at home. But it would be lies to say I wasn't a little sad to miss out the big city! Though, my thoughtful hubby did bring me home a milk chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles! And it was worth every last sprinkle that I licked out of the box. :)

I get to live vicariously through my husbands adventures. I suppose that maybe I get the better end of it - don't have to have any of the car sickness of traveling, or packing and forgetting things, etc. This is the stage of life I'm in and I will continue to enjoy the fun pictures and goodies that get brought home :) 

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