Saturday, October 19, 2013

My very own Dream.

It has been a lazy Saturday around these parts, complete with a mug of hot cider, warm blankets and football on the tv. My girls spent a good part of the late morning playing outside in our yard while I walked from room to room noting all the things I still need to work on and do. But, they will wait. Lazy Saturdays are a gift to be appreciated, in my opinion, not filled with work that can be done Monday. ;) Although, the dishes in the sink will get a good scrub and the laundry will be put away in preparation for Sunday. That's just life. 

I can't be sure when it dawned on me - maybe it was as I stood at the dining room door and snapped pics of my monkey-hat-clad children riding bikes on the back deck, or as I adjusted the fall decor on the table. But it was whispering in my ear - "blessed". Because that's how I feel today. Everything I have ever wanted in life I have the opportunity of enjoying right now. My husband - loves me. My children - precious. Serving in full time local church ministry. Making a home our own. And while I know those are not the most important things in life - they sure do rank up there and today I'm counting my blessings over and over. I'm not naiive to think life will always be the same - we don't have that promise, and I'm ok with that. But today I can't stop smiling and being thankful for the One who gives us these Good gifts.

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