Wednesday, January 5, 2011

May Baby has a gender!

First, let me share some precious pictures and brag a little about our ultrsound tech, Alma. She was amazing and thorough and thoughtful. She took time to explain each position and angle and what we were looking at... something we didn't fully experience with Ava. As always, my heart melts watching those tiny little body parts squirm and move on the screen. Here's May baby today - at around 21ish weeks.I love the ones where baby appears to be looking at you dead on. Amazing. Our baby was playing with the umbilical cord today... and at one point got fiesty, even kicking at the tech.

And, the big, awaited news...


She was a squirmy, happy, 1 lb baby.

Yep, the tech says that according to measurements this little chunker is already at 1 lb at 21 weeks! And, I was also think closer to May 17th instead of the 21st. But I just take that all in stride... we will see. Only the Lord and May baby know that!

As is my tradition - after I found out the gender, I had to stop and pick up that first piece of gender-matching clothing... luckily for me, Kohl's is having 70% off this week. May Baby's first piece of purchased clothing...

As for me, I'm healthy as a clam - minus this nagging runny nose.
My dr couldn't understand how I haven't been gaining tons of weight even with holidays, which I took as a great compliment. My blood pressure is great and I feel fantastic!

Praising the Lord for another little girl on the way!


becky said...

YAY! A sister for special! I hope that they will become best of friends like my sister and I have become! Praise the Lord! Now let the planning for your second little princess begin! How fun!!!

beccarankin said...

Very cute onsie! I'm so glad everything is going well and youare healthy!

Patty said...

Congratulations! I loved all the pictures! So happy for you guys :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Congratulations on a GIRL!!! I love the little girlie outfit, too! So sweet!