Friday, January 21, 2011

A room for my soon-to-be eldest :)

Yesterday we had a family day. Hubs switched days and made Thursday our family play day! It was wonderful and today I'm kinda missin' him {sniff, sniff}. We made our way over to a very large mall in WDM and he graciously let me walk through Pottery Barn Kids. Most of you know my battle with that store - super cute things, super huge prices! But - their Spring 2011 Ideas book was out, so after roaming around and taking mental pictures... I snagged my copy and we left. :)

Lastnight I poured over the catalog dreaming of what we could do for our very special 2 year old / soon-to-be big sister! What I lack in funds I also lack in good, creative ideas. My friends have been wonderful at funneling ideas this way. :) So, anyway, as I looked through my book I started making notes on some of the pages... am I the only weirdo who does this?! My magazine looks like this now - on many pages...
And after all my notes I came upon a few realizations...

1) Love pink.
2) Love all things girly
3) REALLY want to make this a place that can transition with her at least until she's 5!
4) I can totally make some of these things!

And would you believe that while I was thinking these very thoughts a show came on tv called, "Design on a dime" where the host was learning how to make canvas art! Something I reallllly wanna do! {how hard can it be to scratch a few lines and circles on a blank canvas?!}

So it begins. I'm in idea gathering mode & starting to find pieces here and there to make this special room. So exciting! Afterall, this is a very special little girl I'm talking about!
{can u tell we are rearranging? infant clothes, queen mattress and toys all jumbled together}

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beccarankin said...

Very cute ideas. Can't wait to see the finished product!