Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ministry 101

Every single time I'm about to face a group of teens - I have to remind myself of the verse, "Be completely HUMBLE and GENTLE...PATIENT bearing one another in LOVE. Make EVERY effort to keep unity of the Spirit in the bond of PEACE." {my own translation, there}

Every time.

I even wrote it at the top of my attendance chart that I sit and fill out every Sunday and Wednesday night. Something I'm learning as we progress through this life course of Ministry 101 is : People, no matter their age, but especially teens... will respond to humilty, gentleness, patience and love. It may take weeks or months - or years. But, part of my job is loving them to Jesus.

I say this because my natural bent or reaction is to be abrupt or "in yo face" about issues I see and how they need corrected, "because when I was your age...". Uh-huh. And, there is a place for biblical correction in some/many circumstances - but sometimes, I fear, we've lost that in youth ministries and an "anything goes" atmosphere is created. But, for me - I don't want to be that youth leader that is constantly nagging about what a teen is wearing or listening to or doing on the weekends. I want to be the loving leader that approaches in humility and true care for a teen. I want to pour out my life on the students and show them HOW to live by example - as Christ did for me.

So, God has been peeling back layers of my heart - breaking down my rough edges and quick tongue and showing me the power of LOVE and gentle words. Yes, I know for sure that times will come where confrontation and late night phone calls and tears will be appropriate. I know, from what the Word of God says, that it won't always be as easy as soft words and an understanding face...

But I pray and beg God to show me times when I need to shut my mouth, swallow my opinions, and just Love. These kids are too important! Their souls need saving! And God has chosen my husband and I to lead the pack, in a way...

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

The same is true for college kids and "big people" too!
Can't wait to spend some time with you this weekend at the retreat!!!