Friday, January 7, 2011

.::Ramblings to keep from crying::.

My emotions are on overdrive this morning. You see, we have our annual Sr high retreat this weekend and while I will LOVE being there serving along side my hubby... I'm leaving my baby girl behind. :( It's.always.hard. If you think of it - pray for this momma that I would be focused this weekend on serving the teens and leaders, and that our little girl will be safe, sound and happy. I know she will be! She loves her aunts and cousins! I just don't think I'll ever feel right about being away from her.... oh, what will I do when she leaves for college?! {gulp}

Anyways, to keep the tears at bay {for now} I thought I'd give you an update on some other, lighter topics.

1) Next week I'll be doing a book review on "Everything Christmas" by Waterbrook Press. They have changed their "Blogging for Books" program and this is the first review of mine, in it. I'm debating a giveaway... so, stay tuned in! It's a delightful little book of just that, EVERYTHING Christmas! Recipes, stories behind hymns, international Christmas facts, etc. A quick and fun read!

My favorite parts were def reading about what other countries do for their Christmas traditions and meals - for example:
In Italy they serve a large eel as one of their main courses. Um, Merry Christmas?!

2) Now that we know we are having another GIRL I'm on the hunt for several things:
-Big girl room items for Ava's new room
-Matching outfits for sisters
-Ideas on what exactly to do to make the most of our space
Fun things! I'm dying to do the matching outfits thing, especially! has adorable outfits and I can't keep myself from browsing their site. Look at these two!

Seriously! I may end up being that mom that makes my girls match everytime we go into public! I think it's so cute... :)
Ok, so just two things to ramble about this morning. I just can't wrap my brain around much else. But, I am SO excited to serve this weekend and be in the wilderness of camp - away from the noise. I'm eager to sip a hot cup of coffee while having quiet time looking out a window into nature. Have a wonderful weekend and be on the lookout for pics and the book review next week!

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