Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Whew! I spent today watching 4 children under the age of 3. It was awesome and I'm so glad the Lord allowed me the opportunity -but yes, I am v-e-r-y tired tonight. :) Dinner is baking and I have a minutes to post my tips & tricks of the day.

Today's tips are taken from, "Quick Cooking" magazine, 2004. Yep - going waaay back. But, as I was reading over my recipe for tonight, the page caught my attention and there are several tips I know we could all benefit from. So enjoy :)

- Making {or attempting} a carrot cake? No time to shred bags of carrots by hand? Buy a bag of baby carrots in the produce section and finely chop them in your food processor. The processed carrots don't make a difference in the taste of the cake or the texture of it.

- Use the free calendars you get in the mail {or from random stores} to create monthly menus. I do this!!! This way you can see what your family will eat a week at a time. Easier to make grocery lists and gather your necessary coupons! Also helps with daily prep to know what needs set out ahead of time.

- Make a lot of things that call for applesauce? Tired of wasting massive jars of applesauce? Buy it, instead, in the 4oz individual serving sizes. Several brands make them now - even generic. One serving is perfect for most recipes and best of all, no waste of what you don't use!

And for the tea drinkers of the world....

- Use your automatic coffee maker to quickly make tea. Put 6 teabags in the basket, fill machine with water and start it just like you'd do for a pot of coffee. Once it's done, transfer to a tea jar and sugar to your liking. Stores nicely in the fridge!

Happy Tuesday!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

GREAT tips, Mandi! Hope you're fast asleep recovering from your busy day of kiddos! :)

DWYHomemaking said...

That's a lot of kiddos to manage :) hope you got plenty of needed rest! Thanks for linking up your tips. Great idea about the applesauce I normally end up wasting a lot :/.