Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Family pics

Happy due date to me! Only, instead of feeling happy I'm actually half in tears... {just bein' honest} as the dr didn't have anything helpful to say to me today. Still at 3cm, though he says "really, you could go anytime. But, come back Friday and we'll chat more." Ugh. Then, on the way home we stopped at Caribou to get a mocha because I've been craving one - and instead they gave me a normal coffee, which, I didn't figure out until we got all the way home because I let it cool in the cup holder the whole ride. BAH! Nothing like expecting to taste chocolately espresso goodness and then only getting weak coffee. To say I'm cranky is an understatement, obviously. A friend asked to take Ava for the morning - so, as soon as I share some pics I'm off to the couch to sleep off the grumpy's and enjoy some more contractions.

This weekend we went to a friends wedding and they had a fun photo booth idea that everyone got to go through. I love the pics of my little one - she LOVES the camera! Enjoy!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Ah, I'm so sorry!
The pictures are adorable!!! Ava is so cute and looks quite ready to be a big sister!

Julie Anne said...

so sorry that you are still waiting... I know that feeling all too well! all of my girls were LATE! Cassia was 10 days because I REFUSED to be induced! She will be perfect when she decides to make her entrance! Praying it is soon!
Love the pictures of Ava, adorable and so sweet!!

becky said...

Mandi..sorry it was a rough day...
I always enjoy looking at pictures when I'm feeling down too. I love the pics of Ava holding the frame. I have photo booth pictures from a wedding when I was 9 months preggo too....I'll have to share them with you :) Hang in there..I'm praying for you. God has the perfect birthday picked out for your little girl..excited for you!