Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He cares about my pennies?

I'm so completely and totally humbled right now. And... it just keeps happening, day after day, after day. Humbled. If you've never heard the beautiful song, "He's always been Faithful" - can I recommend that you {after reading} go to YouTube and look it up, especially Sarah Groves version. I attempted to embed it here, but, for some reason Blogger and YouTube are at odds today and I don't have the time to keep attempting. :)

He's ALWAYS been Faithful! That's my God. Even when I'm so good-for-nothing scared and faithless to Him. And that continues to blow me away. Praise the Lord! This morning I was driving to yet another OB appointment due to some MAJOR swollen feet and ankles - I'm talking... "Helllooo Mrs. Elephant" when that song Starry Night came on by Chris August. For no apparent reason I just busted out in tears while driving. Please do picture a 9 month preggo lady holding her coffee in one hand, driving with the other and just sobbing - with the "cry face", and you know what I mean. I had the radio turned up loud and windows cracked and was just crying and singing as loud as I could with the song...

"I've given my life to the only one who makes the moon reflect the sun"

and then

"who gives me HOPE when I had none"...

Now I could blame the hormones or the exhaustion or some other pregnancy related thing, but, I know that the truth is - I was just humbled and experiencing a little personal revival. So, anyone who passed me on University today got to watch and enjoy that show themselves too. :) You see, lately I've been struggling. And I've hinted at it a time or two on here, and there is so much I can't even get into because of the nature of our lives. But I'm here today just to give testimony of God's goodness, compassion, patience and provision. He knows our {my} every need and has been faithful to provide!

- Needed clothes for new baby and 2 yr old. CHECK! A gal from church who has two girls passed her wardrobe for them down to us!

- Van payment due. Tax money we expected didn't end up happening. GOD provided and allowed us to be streeetched in the meantime.

- Mortgage went up. Still streeetching on that one. Still learning. Still hoping. God is faithful.

Somehow, which I still cannot explain, as I look over the budget, bills and bank account again and again... God has provided for every last heart-pressing, panic-inducing thing. We even got to go out for Mothers Day lunch! {was totally NOT planning on that} Though in my selfish heart I did cry and whine about the fact that "I really didn't want to cook on my day" - never mind that over half the world didn't get a mothers day lunch... or even a solid meal. {gulp}

So is this a miracle? Maybe. My faith is continuously being challenged and grown and tested. I have the hope that after all this trial - by - fire I'll come out refined. That's what HE promises! Though, I know my days in the furnace are still many to come... so much to burn off. But I do feel stronger. I do see God in action and I do praise Him.

He cares about those silly pennies -

He cares about us.

He even cares that the van check engine light went on this weekend...

And I can leave it at that. And rest.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Awesome post, Mandi! I recently had one of those humbling "God provides exactly what we need" moments...makes me feel terrible for worrying but joyful for God's patience and faithfulness!
Hope you can stay cool and as comfortable as possible!

Julie Anne said...

I have to say that I appreciated the picture of you crying in the van, singing at the top of your lungs... with coffee of course!! I have soo been there!!

thankful that God is caring for you... and that you are seeing it! Sometimes I get bogged down and forget to see what He has provided!

Will pray for you about the van! I have been overwhelmed re: van situation lately. Our family of 6 can't get around with out one, and ours died almost 2 weeks ago. Thankfully we are borrowing one right now, but purchasing a new one right now wasn't on my radar!
Like Wes reminded me... It was God's van! He will provide!

Sara said...

This was so encouraging, Carl was just admitted into the hospital with complications from his Ulcerative Colitis. We have in the last month racked up about3000 in med bills and though we are thankful for insurance we still have about 5000 that we will have to pay from pocket. and it is easy to stress and worry as I sit here in the hospital praying that my husband will feel better soon. But I have to remember that our God cares even about the "pennies".

Thanks for sharing and being an encouragement.