Tuesday, May 3, 2011

38 weeks

Today marks week #38 on the baby calendar. How am I feeling?


I feel large.

I feel eager.

I feel like I'm not getting anything done.

I feel excited.

I'm craving sugary things ALL the time.

I'm sore. {hips and back}

I'm not sleeping very well.

But, I'm thankful.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment and I'm wondering if we'll hear any news on further dialation. I'd love to know things were progressing! Wish us luck!

The view from where I'm standing. Only, I had to lean forward to actually see the socks. :)


Emily Howrylak said...

Hahahahahahaha...... I LOVE your feet pic:) reminds me of the good ole' days:) U look soooo cute as a prego momma. You have been on my mind a TON! I am so excited to hear the Pausley announcement of baby girl # 2!

beccarankin said...

Great picture of the feet! I can't believe it is 38 weeks already. I'm going to start praying for an easy as possible and very safe delivery. I think after you have recovered for a few weeks I'm going to come over and just hold your new blessing. Oh yeah, even though I'm not up to having a baby, I have the itch for a newborn big time. :-)