Thursday, May 5, 2011

The reason I'm a mother

Ah, I love this girl. She's so goofy and fun and silly and smart. This morning she is tearing around the house in her pink tu-tu and tights pretending to be a ballerina. All this just for fun! What a life to be 2 years old and be able to run around like that! I'm so thankful that SHE is the one who calls me Mommy. I think about it over and over again. God chose her for us, and us for her! Incredible!

So today while I'm milling around here cleaning and living life - I may sneak in a few more peeks at her while she's playing quietly. I may grab my camera and try to capture just a few more pics of her twirling in her tutu in the livingroom. I may steal one or two more extra kisses on her still chubby cheeks. Just because I can. I'm her momma.

And life is going to be very different here very soon as we anticipate Baby Sister. Hubs took this picture lastnight after youth group - and, though I am feeling very unattractive, I still do LOVE pregnancy belly and feeling this new life squirm and wiggle. I love these girls - and am so thankful for them - the REASON I am a mother. :)

Btw, after my 38 week appt yesterday - I was told I'm 2-3cms and 75% effaced. Yay!


becky said...

isn't it wonderful!? So excited that your going to meet your new little one very soon..maybe Mothers Day?! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I've been loving watching our little peoples' every move lately! It is the BEST!
You look so super cute--those skinny little legs holding up that cute baby belly! Can't wait to meet this sweet little baby girl!

Sara said...

so excited for you!

AnkenyMom said...

I think you look GREAT!! Anxious to hear the news of her birth, and anxious to meet her!