Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Large Lady in Waiting

I've never felt so beastly large. I'm all about thinking pregnant women are beautiful, blah blah blah... they really are. But, I, right now just feel like a jumbo whale of a women who just really really wants to have my baby whale, er, baby...

I know life just gets complicated and busy and crazy when the baby is on the outside. But, still - the trade off sounds so very sweet to me at this point.

Because I went in for an appointment Tuesday to check out my elephant feet swelling issue - they cancelled my appointment for tomorrow, which, to be delicate - was to get things "going". BUMMED doesn't cover how I feel about that - even though the method would be a 50/50 chance. So, blah.

My next appointment was set for my DUE DATE, again. And I sit here wondering... "really? will I really have to induced again? What is it with my children not wanting to come out of me?" My father is very wise to remind me that women all over the world would love to have this problem. {humbling} I know that. I'm trying not to be all whiny and complainy. I really do love this time in life. I do.

My husband and I are praying, praying, praying that I could have this baby this or next week. We have a couple pretty solid reasons for the asking:

-My mother in law is here next week
-My mom is here the week after
-If I'm to wait a week later as I was with Ava, that puts me in the hospital until the 26th - and all my help leaves the 28th. SEE my predicament?

Ultimately, I know God knows all this. He knows my fears and anxieties about this. He knows when this baby will join us and how it will all go down. Yet, He does still delight when we ask, right? I'm asking. Will you start asking too?


Lindsay said...

Just asked with you. God's timing is perfect!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Yep, I'm asking on your behalf! Hang in there!

beccarankin said...

Oh.... I feel your pain. I always hated the last few weeks and was so very jealous of all those who went early - which was most of my friends! So not fair! I'll be praying baby comes soon and that you have help somehow or another!