Monday, September 12, 2011

And the list goes on... in Multitudes

I miss blogging. I'm still trying to figure out when the best time for me to blog will be. If you aren't in my "loop" of info... I'm now babysitting full time from 7:15-4:15pm. It's a long day, and while usually always a good thing - doesn't leave much time for blogging or even down time. I think I'm going to plug back into blogging at night once my children are in bed and I've spent time with my hubby. That used to be my best time, we'll try that again. :) Because I really do miss blogging and reading blogs.

Wow - what a weekend! I have seen the Lord move and work so clearly in just the last 3 days. We had our first annual Youth Leaders Retreat at Hidden Acres on Friday night into Saturday afternoon. It was awesome. An excellent group of people who are passionate and on board with the ministry! My husband and I are still grinning about what a great time it was and how encouraged we are.

We got home Saturday evening around 7:30ish and hubs checked the mail. He opened it and just said, "wow". Then handed me a letter from my very sweet Grandma with a check inside the letter. I cried. I had been quietly praying and asking the Lord to provide for some things and HERE was that provision in the form of a loving letter from my Grandma. She said the Lord had laid us on her heart... THAT'S MY GOD! He knows.

The provision doesn't end there. Though, that would be enough to satisfy me. Sunday after church I was driving home with my girls. Because my husband is a Pastor, I'm almost always alone on that drive home. So I've found creative ways to "entertain" my eldest as she sometimes just wants daddy... not me. :) This day we listened to her Veggie Tales CD and that seemed to do the trick. When we pulled onto our street something caught my eye on the sidewalk a few houses before ours. As I approached I couldn't believe my eyes - one of those little Tikes houses. Someone was just throwing it out. It was perfectly good and just sitting there. I pointed it out to Ava and asked if we should go investigate. We parked the van in our driveway and skipped down - and just at that time the neighbor giving it away was in her yard. I asked her if she was tossing it and she was! I got permission to take it and permission was given! I couldn't believe this was happening. My momma's heart had SO wanted to be able to give my children something like this...but, it wasn't financially possibly. Something we just didn't NEED. And now here was this house in GREAT shape, totally free for the taking. I attempted to take the house and realized it would take a few trips...when I looked up I saw two other neighbors coming to help me. I had never met these people before and was completely blown away. We don't live on the friendliest street and this really surprised me. So here we went walking down the sidewalk carrying this toy house in parts. Neighbors. Doing neighborly things. I was beaming. And now we have this amazing new play house in our back yard - another reminder to me of how intimately the Lord knows us... our deepest fears, muttered prayers and mother-heart longings. And He cares about every detail. On top of all of this, here is my offering of Thanksgiving to my God thismorning:

-Watching my big girl give her sister a bottle

-caribou coffee

-lots of coupons in Sundays paper

-baby almost ready to give up that 10:30 bottle. Thus meaning MORE sleep for momma.

-early mornings, alone, quiet, in the word...

-duck, footie pajamas

-pinecones on my table

-green afghan on a chilly morn

-two working, paid for, cars


-cable tv for one more day

-our home

What a mighty God we serve. :) Giver of ALL things. I'm so thankful today...You?

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Justine said...

I just stopped by your blog for the first time in awhile. You must have read "one thousand gifts"? I just started the book and started my first list today!:)