Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He knows me

My eyes search the room for something comfortable. I grow so weary of this tug on my heart, my nerves, my whole self... insecurity.
Since when does the extrovert morph into the introvert? And why do I have so much trouble with simple communication?

I know the Father of Lies tries to use this against me. I can feel it. I walk into the House of my God and I'm attacked from all sides. "You aren't loved here", "Your outfit doesn't look right", "Everyone is watching how you raise your children...the wrong way." The lies can almost choke me out. And it's in these moments where I have to fight for truth. I have to battle and wage war against my deceitful heart, human mind and fears. And most importantly I have to remember... IT'S NOT ABOUT ME anyway.

I'm comforted by this alone... HE knows me. My creator. Sustainer. My truest friend. He understands my plight, my fears, my frustrations and desires. And He loves me. Even me. He knows how I want to belong. He knows my insecurity and my strengths. He knows me - He loves me. And I want that to be enough.

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