Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Little DIY on this Saturday

Woah, it's been A-while since I've done any kind of DIY project. But the other day while the kids were playing and the baby sleeping... I got a little stir crazy. I'm still working on Ava's room and those bare pink walls are driving me bonkers. I just couldn't think of ANYTHING that would look cute/toddlerish/but not babyish in there, and I knew buying something wasn't an option right now. Here is what I came up with. :)

Materials needed:
3 pieces of cardboard in similar sizes
spray adhesive
scissors to trim cardboard
Material, roughly the same size as cardboard
wooden letters
white spray paint
Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
Upholstry tacks

First, I gathered my cardboard and trimmed each piece down, as well as cutting rounded sides. I used cardboard leftover from an Amazon shipping box. :)

(Outdoors) Spray the adhesive onto the cardboard and quickly place material onto the cardboard. You'll need to smooth it out and pull it fairly tight. Once it's set up for a few minutes (I waited like 2 minutes) you can then begin to hot glue outside edges of material to the back.

Once all your edges are glued down - it's time to glue down the wooden letter. I applied a LOT of hot glue to the back of my letter, centered it, and pressed down hard for about 30 seconds.

And there you have it! An easy, quick and FREE crafty wall art for the big girls room. :) I used a decorative upholstry tack to hang them up - it's a smaller hole then a nail and a pretty external design. I already had all of the materials at home, but, if you need to buy some of the things you could probably still do this for under $5 is my guess! If this is TOO simple for you - I think you could put frames around each piece or maybe some ribbon ties. I might still do the ribbon eventually...but for now, simple is the name of the game.

My big girl already loves her room - and this was a special, homemade craft by mommy that she thinks is pretty cool, too! And mommy loves that it was FREE! :)


jingalls said...

you know i'm not the biggest fan of pink, but miss ava's room is awesome.

Julie Anne said...

I seriously love this!! I am not sure I could do all 3 girls in one room, but I might come up with something that would work! so pretty!