Monday, September 5, 2011

Multitudes on Monday...

Happy Labor Day!

And, if you live in "these" parts... Happy cooler fallish weather :)

{sigh, thank you Lord, for that!}

I'm having a hard time remembering my #'s while doing this count, so, I'm giving myself some slack and grace and will now just use bullets or dashes... works for me!

Today I'm thankful for...

- Morning crickets song

-the FIRST yellow leaf on our sidewalk

-$1 candle that smells like autumn... :)


-2 year old insisting on wearing a 24 month outfit that is WAY too short.

-cool front porch

-sapphire sky behind the green trees

-a day to rest and enjoy my family

-bin of autumn decor waiting to be put out

-laughing with husband

-blond, messy, pigtails

-hand me down sandals still in great shape

-conversations with my 2 year old

-Yogurt for breakfast!

-"baking" weather :)

-biggest, mouth open, smiles from my 3 month old

-$20 pasta salad... shared with friends over an amazing dinner. :) Right, Amy?

-Mocha's from Starbucks.

-driving with the windows down

This weekend we took our girls to Monkey Joes. If you aren't familiar with that - it's basically a huge warehouse they turned into an inflatable, toddler to 9 year old haven :) On top of my list this week - I'm extra thankful for my family... and the fun memories we are making each day as the girls grow up. I have to share some smiles from our special day.

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